Bank Loans For Businesses

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Rethink your small business loan options

Small and medium size business owners face numerous obstacles to success, and oftentimes the difference between becoming an established company or a forgotten start-up, is determined by the ability to secure financial support at a critical juncture.

That’s why at Commerce Capital Advance Co., we specialize in providing innovative, business bank loan solutions, tailored to meet your small business’s monetary needs. We offer a variety of lending services and loan options with a “yes” approach to business underwriting.

Loan Options

Traditional lenders offer a range of financial services, and are unable to deviate from an unyielding set of loan approval requirements, we’re different. Instead of focusing on only personal credit scores, individual net worth, and available collateral, we evaluate a combination of factors to determine your business bank loan qualification.

Unlike other lenders, who convey the impression that you work for them, at Commerce Capital Advance Co., our dedicated professionals diligently strive to discover financing and business bank loan options that will keep your business running smoothly and operating in the black. Then we work to develop a customized solution that will alleviate your cash flow dilemmas.


Our singular mission, to provide hard-working entrepreneurs the funding solutions they need to keep their businesses moving forward, enables us to offer distinctive loan advantages, such as:

A streamlined application process that involves hours, rather than weeks.
Smaller, fixed payments that generate superior cash flow management.
Customizable repayment terms that allow you to choose the business bank loan options that will work best for your unique niche. How It Works

Step1: Application

A simplified, easy to understand application and a few financial documents is all it takes to get started.

Step 2: Qualification

Your application and accompanying information will be underwritten. If we require further information for a business bank loan approval, we will contact you promptly.

Step 3: Disbursement

Once the approval process has been completed, and the loan terms accepted, we electronically transfer the fund to your business account, for immediate use.

Step 4: Repayment

Hassle free payments are conducted directly through your bank, reducing tedious paper work, and eliminating late fees and penalties.

Step 5: Renewal

When your loan has been paid down over a short period of time, your business may be eligible receive additional cash.

By focusing on the small to mid sized business need for flexible business bank loan options, at Commerce Capital Advance Co., we’re able to offer customizable loan programs and financing solutions for all types of business, on your own terms, not someone else’s. Allowing your business to reach its full potential.