Discovering Financing Options and Business Loans for Women


With the economy still struggling, most traditional lenders are hesitant to offer business loans for women, without the inclusion of substantial collateral, and a superior credit rating. However, operating a service based business, or other small retail enterprise, rarely requires the use of large equipment, real estate, or other property that could provide the security for a loan.

Although, just because a proprietor has less than perfect credit, or limited tangible business assets, doesn’t mean that financing options aren’t available. Finding business loans for women simply requires investigation, and contacting a lender that offers customizable funding solutions for today’s small or medium size business owners.

Business Types

Entrepreneurs, who offer business-to-business services, often suffer from deficient working capitol to expand their operation, hire new employees, or open satellite locations. This can hinder the development and growth of the company, making it difficult to attract new clients, and generate new business.

Traditional lending companies rarely make business loans for women operating service-based companies, largely due to the fact that the company’s success depends solely on one or two primary individuals. With their stringent application process, relying almost exclusively on personal credit, or net worth, approval becomes infrequent at best.

However, there are alternative funding solutions available for the service-based industry, and some business examples that can qualify include:

  • Professional Accounting Services
  • Home Health Care
  • Independent Retailers and Restaurateurs
  • Cleaning Services
  • Private Medical Practice
  • Insurance Franchisees

Funding Options

Innovative lending companies, recognizing the need for alternative funding sources, are able to offer business loans for women, and other emerging entrepreneurs with a customized approach. Open-mindedly considering a variety of factors that traditional lenders ignore, these companies are able to provide the resources necessary to improve sales and propel business growth.

  • Merchant Advances. New technology has enabled great strides in the repayment procedures connected with a cash advance. The influx of funds can be directed to whatever area of the business needs fortifying, whether payroll, marketing, or purchases, according to the owner’s discretion. In addition, this type of financing doesn’t require a traditional monthly installment plan, as payments are made at the point of sale.
  • Business Loans. Even with numerous government based assistance programs, small business loan applications are relatively the same, and involve a lengthy application process. Often, after spending hours to prepare a business plan, organize financial statements, and create loan purpose narratives, the applicant still receives a rejection, despite Federal assurances.An alternative lending company however, is able to offer a streamlined application process, with acceptance taking as little as 24-48 hours, along with customizable terms, low monthly payments, and short term financing solutions.

Contacting the right lending source can transform a small business. One who has the ability to offer funding flexibility and customized financing, offering business loans for women using a simplified qualification process, can provide the tools needed to expand, succeed, and keep any company operating in the black.

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