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While large companies usually have access to the capital they need, small businesses in need of funds often find the money is very difficult to obtain. This is especially true since the recession of 2007. Before the recent economic problems, small business owners were able to fund their concerns through the use of credit cards or even home equity loans. It’s no secret that these sources of credit have been severely restricted, and small businessmen and women must look elsewhere for business financing.


Some entrepreneurs believe that banks will only lend money to those who can prove they don’t need it. This may not always be the case, but banks today demand lots of documentation, and even after proper paperwork has been submitted, loans are not easily forthcoming. Unfortunately, only the most stable and creditworthy businesses can obtain bank financing, and that takes many start-up businesses out of the realm of traditional financing.

Finance Companies

In the past, unsecured loans for up to $10,000 or more could be secured through finance companies. Anyone with reasonable credit could fill out an application and be relatively confident of an approval. Most of these companies are gone, however, and those that are still in existence do not freely lend money to struggling businesses.

SBA Loans

Even though the government guarantees the payment of Small Business Administration loans, these loans must still be originated by banks. Even though the government stands behind all SBA loans, most banks have significantly tightened their lending standards, and again, this money is only available for the well qualified borrower.

The Answer

Commerce Capital Advance Company was formed in 2008, and provides great alternatives for business financing. The company provides capital for small business growth through two main programs–merchant funding and business loans.

With merchant funding at Commerce Capital, an amount is advanced to the business based on credit card volume. No checks need to be written to pay back the advance because the company automatically takes a small percentage of every credit card transaction. Therefore, on days when a business has a large volume of credit card sales, the repayment amount will be larger. Conversely, on a slow credit card sales day, the repayment amount will be substantially less. This plan greatly benefits a small business because if cash flow is reduced on a certain day, advance repayments will be smaller.

Commerce Capital’s business loans work in a similar manner, but the amount loaned is not only based on credit card receipts. The entire business situation is analyzed, and a loan amount is calculated. The business will then have the loan repayments deducted directly from the company bank account on a regular basis. Again, no checks have to be written, and there is little danger of late payments since Commerce Capital initiates the payment transaction. Both Commerce Capital plans also allow for easy refinancing once the original advance or loan amount is paid.

Merchant funding and business loans are two excellent ways for small businesses to obtain the business financing they need for daily operations. Unlike traditional bank lenders, Commerce Capital looks at much more than raw credit scores, and over the past few years the company has helped scores of businesses get the capital they need.

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