Alternative Funding Options For Medical Practice Loans


Operating an independent medical practice is fraught with financial challenges. Staff payroll, equipment replacements and upgrades, and leasing facility costs can be hefty, and when combined with the expenses of insurance requirements, disposable medical supplies, and the excessive professional services needed for compliance and billing, it’s little wonder why a healthcare visit seems so steep.

Moreover, the drastic changes that have recently taken place in the healthcare industry, largely due to legislation, will create significant alterations in the payment methods, and regulate the remuneration value medical professionals are able to receive for certain services.

Therefore, securing medical practice loans, which can enable independent healthcare professionals to continue business operations, make equipment purchases, or expand facilities, can prove rather elusive.

Fortunately, however, innovative lenders have developed alternative funding options that can provide the much needed operating capital and medical practice loans, to succor this vital industry.

New Sources

Recognizing a significant void in the financial industry, which left many small business owners out in the cold, new financing companies are offering alternative funding programs to bridge the gap generated by the stringent approval qualifications required by traditional lenders.

Unlike traditional banks and lending agencies who cover a broad range of financial services, these innovative lenders focus solely on finding the perfect financing solution for each client, and strive to deliver medical practice loans and cash advance solutions tailored to each individual healthcare operation.

These goal orientated lending companies have created a process, which allows them to consider a variety of acceptance criteria when determining qualification.

Better Options

Able to offer better financing options, these new lending companies provide funding alternatives that make it easy to apply and qualify for a medical practice loan.

  • Simplified Application Process. Eschewing the lengthy requirements and intricate paperwork of traditional lenders, the easy application can be completed in minutes, over the phone or by filling out a simple on-line questionnaire.
  • Easy Qualification. If additional information is needed for qualification, the lender is able to contact you quickly, utilizing a personalized, secure contact board.
  • Customized Financing. Whether the funding is needed for new equipment purchases, working capital, or expanding operations to better serve the community, customized financing solutions allows owners to choose the type, and terms of the medical practice loan that will best meet their needs


There are many advantages to contacting alternative lending company, such as customizing medical practice loans by arranging low rates, short terms, and low monthly payments.

Businesses may also apply for immediate cash advances. With innovative repayment options that exclude rigid repayment schedules, by allowing the business to pay back the loan, one transaction at a time. This is particularly convenient for veterinarians, chiropractors, and dentists who receive payment for their services at the time they’re rendered.

Having the resources available to continue operating an independent medical practice simply requires contacting a specialized lending company. With the many options and advantages they offer, acquiring the financing to bolster the business bottom line is easier than ever.

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