Accelerating Small Business Success through Franchising


Turning a small business enterprise into a franchise is an intelligent method for expanding an operation. Not only does it offer the ability to open additional locations, without a large drain on company resources, it can provide an exceptional source of revenue through the royalty and franchise fees it generates.

However, there is a developmental process for transforming an existing business into a coveted franchise, and it does require an initial investment. The best strategy for instigating a franchise involves a thorough plan and the capital to enact it. If the company lacks a specific budget for a franchise program, and since a business cash advance provides the quickest, easiest route of achievement, small business owners should investigate this option first.

Once an entrepreneur has performed a comprehensive analysis to determine whether their unique company can be profitable in other locations, for other investors, he or she can begin to execute a plan.

Depending upon the level of operation or type of business, companies can expedite the franchising process by utilizing convenient business cash advance or merchant loan options that are currently available. As an alternative to traditional small business funding, this type of financing streamlines loan procedures to provide companies with the required capital to institute franchise opportunities easier and more quickly.

Step 1

It is necessary to formulate an all-encompassing outline, or operational guidebook that details every aspect of the business. This step-by-step manual will provide the foundational strategy for any prospective investors, therefore it’s imperative that it contain a comprehensive list of operations, from the initial purchase through a successful two-year performance.

It should project a professional image, not only in its statistical and operational information, but in its appearance as well. To accomplish this goal, most entrepreneurs find that hiring a consulting service that specializes in producing such materials can offer the insight and expertise needed.

Step 2

The next step involves designing and establishing an effective marketing strategy that situates the business opportunity where it is highly visible to specific investors. Because most small businesses focus on customer demographics, this aspect is not always easy to identify.

The business marketing strategy should include not only the effective methods and techniques to generate interest, but also a pleasing prospectus that will create enthusiasm by offering concept strategies and marketing tools designed to promote the franchise.

Step 3

Final preparations include the development of the initial legal contracts required to protect the business and the investor throughout the franchise agreement. The purchase price, royalty fees, and service standards should be clearly evident, completely understood, and precisely written for mutual satisfaction.

Again, most small business owners should rely on professional counsel to ensure that the franchisee and the company owner’s rights are secure. Hiring a franchising service that is able to assist the entire process is wise.

Advancing a small business enterprise into a successful franchise operation can provide the expansion and profit needed to move a company into greater spheres of recognition and accomplishment, but should not be entered into lightly. A business cash advance or merchant loan offers the surest way to accelerate business growth through franchising opportunities.

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