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Superior Merchant Cash Advance and Funding Solutions

Our customizable, merchant funding, cash advance programs are tailored to provide immediate working capital for businesses that accept credit and debit card transactions. Gaining access to an instant influx of funds, businesses remit a percentage of each future sales transaction, using a designated terminal. A merchant cash advance isn't subject to restrictive, or dedicated uses of funds, enabling the business owner to allocate the funds at their own discretion. This innovative merchant funding solution isn’t a business loan, consequently, there are no stressful loan payment due dates, costly late penalties, or rigid repayment schedules, and furthermore, businesses may pay the balance at any time.

Business Loan Financing for the Modern Economy

Our versatile business loans are designed to offer almost any type of business the financing resources needed to accelerate success. Since credit and debit card acceptance is not a required qualification factor for this type of business loan, service providers, and other invoice based small businesses are eligible for our innovative loan programs. With features such as, flexible underwriting, business loan terms that range from 6-18 months, and convenient, automatic bill pay, we have the tools to provide a funding solution for any small to medium size business.